Carolyn Breedy

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Hi everyone I am Carolyn Breedy, Lead Volunteer within the Social Activities Committee. I became a volunteer with the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. (PTF) after meeting Adorial Maxwell-Hazell (President) on the children's ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where I also work. After finding out what the foundation does, I made the decision to be come apart of this fantastic group of people and I have not regretted joining them.

Being a volunteer with Precious Touch Foundation is a great experience because I am the first PTF member that the family comes in contact with after the child is admitted to the ward. After I receive the diagnosis of the child the process starts. I then introduce the parents to the foundation and explain to them the wonderful work that we do. The form is then completed and handed back to me, then it is handed over to the president and the second part of the process starts.

I wish to tell others that Precious Touch Foundation is a fantastic organization to be apart of, we bring joy to the hearts of these kids with medical life threatening and terminal illness by making their precious dreams come true.