Damien Bennett

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Hi, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Damien Bennett a volunteer with the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. When I first heard about the Foundation and its work of making precious wishes come true from one of my long time friends Justin Henry, I knew straight off without hesitating, that I wanted to be affiliated with such a group. Since becoming a volunteer, not only have I been privileged to share in the smiles and joys of children whose wishes are granted but have been overwhelmed by the “priceless” feeling that overcomes you when the actual wish comes true. I live by a philosophy that they are probably over 7 billion people living on earth to which I will never even meet 1 million and my goal is to be friends with everyone I meet or come into contact with. By extension, my goal within the organization is to be impactful in the life of those children suffering from life threatening illness and make a new friend.

The foundation is a wonderful organization but don’t take my word about it, join and become a volunteer and make a difference in the lives of children with life threatening illnesses.