Hasani Rowe's Wish Story

Hasani Rowe's Wish Story

To go to disney world.

I chose this wish because Disney is a one in a life time experience.I have always heard about Disney and i always wanted to experience it.

To ma my wish ment a lot to me.I felt like i was in a dream land.I actually got to see all my favorite Disney characters,and i got to find out who created Disney, it was a dream come true.

My favorite moment from this trip,was the last roller coaster in Disney Hollywood studios.Where the roller coaster goes all directions.

i am feeling so great and so well and healthy.

A member of the Precious touch foundation,read my story in a daily newspaper.They called to find put how i was doing.It was at that time that i learned about Precious touch foundation.

i want to tell people that the Precious touch foundation is a very helpful organization that cares for children who went thru difficult times.