How We Grant Wishes


Our organization caters to the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions from age 2 years until their 17th birth date.

The wishes are divided into four categories:

  1. I wish to go…
  2. I wish to be …
  3. I wish to have … and
  4. I wish to meet … .

Wish Referral

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. will accept wish referrals from the following referral sources:

  1. The potential wish child.
  2. The Child’s parent (s) or legal guardian (s).
  3. A medical professional treating the child, such as a doctor, nurse, therapist or social worker.

In the event that the child is unable to have his or her wish granted for medical reasons, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. will be happy to have the wish delayed until it is medically convenient for the child.However, the wish will not go beyond the Childs 18th birth date.

Once the child’s illness is confirmed by a medical professional, the wish is then chosen by the child, and approved by Precious Touch Foundation Inc., then our ‘wish’ team sets out to make it come true. Thereby, creating a magical wish experience for the child which will last a lifetime in the hearts of all those involved in the wish.

The Precious Touch Foundation Inc. respects the privacy of the children and their families. All medical information received is kept CONFIDENTIAL.