I wish to be a Princess for a day

Type of Wish: 
I wish to be
Child's Image: 
I wish to be a Princess for a day
Child's Name: 
Rasonte Parsons
Child's Age: 

On Saturday August 27, 2011, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. granted nine year old Rasonte Parsons her one wish of being a Princess for a day. With the kind assistance from the Management of Cave Shepherd & Co.Ltd. and Hilton Barbados, little Rasonte enjoyed the life of a true princess.

Princess Rasonte and her family arrived at Cave Shepherd in a black limousine from Exquisite Limousine Services Inc. for a shopping spree, accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Shannelle Bourne-Clarke and her bodyguard Davian. She was met by Mr. Hugh Durant, Corporate Communications Manager and his staff, directors and volunteers of the Foundation and other family members and friends. Princess Rasonte was then escorted to Tasha's Wonderland where she picked out a wide range of toys and dolls, even allowing her two escorts to select some gifts for themselves.

After leaving Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd. Princess Rasonte and her entourage arrived at the Hilton Hotel to a warm welcome with a trumpet fanfare sounded by members from the Barbados Defence Force. She was greeted by the general manager Mr. Matthew Mullan and his staff, directors of the Foundation and the media. After her VIP check-in, Princess Rasonte and her family were taken to the Prime Minister's suite where they spent the rest of the day receiving royal treatment.

Later in the evening, Princess Rasonte, her family and friends, directors and volunteers of the Foundation along with the hotel staff enjoyed her royal ball which featured live entertainment compliments Hilton Barbados. When asked how she felt being a princess for a day, Rasonte said, "Oh my gosh, all of this for me. I feel special, this is the best present I have ever had."