I wish to go to Disney World

Type of Wish: 
I wish to go
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I wish to go to Disney World
Child's Name: 
Jaleah Hoyte
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Another precious wish granted. With the kind assistance from Manulife Re, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. was able to make 15 year old Jaleah Hoyte's wish come true. On April 11, 2015 Jaleah, her mum Jillian and brother Jaden accompanied by representatives from the Foundation left Barbados for Disney World. The group was accommodated at Give Kids The World Village, Orlando Florida, where they enjoyed a week of 'true fantasy life' and visited many theme parks at Disney World. When asked what she liked most about her wish, Jaleah said "I like the characters at Disney World and stuff like that, and always wanted to go. So when the opportunity came, I had to take it." Precious Touch Foundation Inc. made sure that the excitement continued for Jaleah after returning home to Barbados. To her surprise, she was presented with a pink rose from volunteer Kevin Barrow before exiting the Airport with her family in a limousine from Exquisite Limousine Services Inc.

Jaleah Hoyte died on August 29, 2015.