I wish to go to Dominica to see a Waterfall

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I wish to go
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I wish to go to Dominica to see a Waterfall
Child's Name: 
Kaila Brewster
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Another wish came true because of the great intentions of Precious Touch Foundation Inc. Kaila Brewster (12 years) saw her precious wish turned into reality on March 27, 2011 as she and her parents enjoyed a one week visit to "Nature Isle" Dominica. Kaila's wish afforded her the opportunity to see the Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool compliments the Discover Dominica Authority. She also visited the Sari Sari Falls, Victoria Falls and the breathtaking hot Sulphur Springs, and was taken around the Island on a tour compliments Ken's Hinterland Adventure Tours & Transfer Services (KHATTS) Limited. Kaila said the visit to Dominica was an awesome and thrilling experience and the waterfalls are spectacular as she enjoys being in water, hiking and everything about nature life. Kaila and her parents Curtis and Sondra Brewster were accompanied to Dominica by Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, President of the Foundation.