I Wish To Go To Jamaica

Type of Wish: 
I wish to go
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I Wish To Go To Jamaica
Child's Name: 
Marisa Oughterson
Child's Age: 
6 Years Old

Wishes do come true for some special little children. On December 25, 2016 (Christmas Day) Precious Touch Foundation Inc. turned a beautiful little girl's precious wish into reality. Director Adorial Maxwell Hazell had the awesome privilege of accompanying our wish child Marisa Oughterson (6 years), her brother Michael along with her parents Sergeant Malcolm Oughterson (BDF) and Natasha Roberts on her wish to Jamaica. Marisa and her family enjoyed a fun-filled week with accommodation at Knutsford Court Hotel and were treated to first class service from the very pleasant and courteous staff.

The week was specially planned for Marisa with many out door activities giving her the opportunity to visit places of interest such as the Bob Marley Museum, the Hope Zoo where she was amused and entertained by the presence of many different types of animals and birds. Marisa loved every minute spent at Portmore Mall Fun Fest where water sports activities were the highlight of the day. She and her brother Michael really loved the pool, and had a great time showing off their water skills. The following days, we visited Ocho Rios where we enjoyed the breathtaking moments of Dunn's River Falls and the beautiful Mystic Mountains riding the heart-shaking Bob Sledge and the relaxing Sky Explorer. As you could imagine no overseas wish is completed without a leisure day for shopping, and Marisa anxiously looked forward to going shopping for her favorite toy dolls and fancy outfits. The experience of shopping around Kingston was pleasantly amusing as we strolled from store to store checking out items until Marisa settled on exactly what she needed, dolls and more dolls.

Now it was time to leave Jamaica, sadly bringing this precious wish to an end. For me it was truly a pleasure spending a week with this sweet little girl and her family. Thanks in abundance to everyone who assisted in making this wish special for our wish child Marisa Oughterson such as: Barbados Defence Force, Digicel Barbados Ltd., Going Places Travel (Janice Ramsey), Exquisite Limousine, Unlimited Connections and Okisha Jagganarine (Jamaica) - Precious Touch Foundation Inc. wishes Marisa all the best for the future.