I wish to go to New York

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I wish to go
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I wish to go to New York
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Tonya Holder
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For quite some time, 15 year old Tonya Holder wished to visit New York, U.S.A. to spend some time with her family and pamper herself with shopping. This golden opportunity was made possible through a wish which was granted by Precious Touch Foundation Inc. On July 18, 2015 Tonya, her step-mother Sandra Williams and representative from the Foundation Harriette Clarke left Barbados for New York. With the assistance of Mr. Ricky Elcock, a very kind and generous Barbadian living in London, our wish family enjoyed a complimentary week at Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel.

While in New York, Tonya and Sandra attended Sunday service at St. Andrew's Crossroads Church with Harriette 's family. The time spent in New York was very exciting for Tonya and she was extremely happy to meet her family as they enjoyed some memorable moments together. On arrival into Barbados, a tired but excited Tonya said that she really had a wonderful time. She was welcomed back home by her father Tyrone Lewis and persons from Precious Touch Foundation Inc. Another precious wish come true.

Tonya Holder died October 28, 2015