I wish to go to St. Vincent to visit my Grandpa

Type of Wish: 
I wish to go
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I wish to go to St. Vincent to visit my Grandpa
Child's Name: 
Amal Blackman
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Amal Blackman (7) years) has faced some trying times living with Sickle Cell Anaemia. However, one of his wishes became a reality on August 1, 2010, when he was granted his wish to visit his family for two weeks in St. Vincent. On his return home, he was met at Grantley Adams International Airport by the Directors and Volunteers of Precious Touch Foundation Inc., family members and friends. When asked about his trip, Amal said that he enjoyed it a lot and the best part was when he went on a bus ride. He said he also went shopping, then he had a sea bath and collected lots of rocks. Amal's mum Keisha Blackman was presented with a fruit basket from the Volunteers, and then the family was transported home in a limousine from Exquisite Limousine Services Inc.