I wish to have a Barbie Birthday Party

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Barbie Birthday Party
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Shellana David
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Precious Touch Foundation Inc. continues to make precious wishes come true. On May 3, 2015 little Shellana David got the privilege of celebrating her 7th birthday in fine style. Her wish of a Barbie party for her birthday was sponsored by ElevateEvents and was held at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort. Arriving in a limousine accompanied by her parents and family members, Shallena stepped out wearing a Barbie tiara. She was escorted across the lawn to meet her specially invited guests who were all delighted to see her. During the entire afternoon she was the centre of attraction, bouncing and running all over the place as she and her friends took turns climbing on the slide. These energetic little children were happily hugging and tugging each other while waiting in line to have their faces painted in various patterns and flowers.

After refreshments were served, Shellana was placed in a chair decorated with balloons while surrounded by her family and friends as she waited patiently to be presented with her gifts. What a happy moment it was for her, as she carefully and smartly unwrapped each box to show off her Barbie items. To bring the evening to a fitting close, everyone sang and wished her a happy birthday as she cut her beautifully designed Barbie cake. Before leaving the hotel, Shellana's mum thanked everyone who attended the party especially all those who assisted in making her daughter's wish come true. It was truly a wonderful evening spent with our little wish child and her amazing friends.