I wish to have a Flat Screen Television

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Flat Screen Television
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Kiara Jordan-Layne
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On February 27, 2016 a very loving and excited little girl was pleasantly surprised when she was invited to World Electronics, Bridge Street Bridgetown to have her wish granted. Kiara Jordan-Layne (8 years) wished for a Flat Screen Television. With a kind donation from Mr. Karan Lilani, Managing Director - World Electronics, Kiara was able to experience the joy and happiness of having her wish fulfilled. Mr. Karan Lilani made the presentation to Kiara of a 32" Flat Screen Television while her mum Alicia Jordan assisted with the careful handling of Kiara's wish item. Enjoying this special moment were directors St. Auban Callender, Henderson Rouse and Adorial Maxwell-Hazell along with volunteer Carolyn Breedy. Precious Touch Foundation Inc. thanks Mr. Lilani for supporting the wonderful work of the Foundation and for making Kiara's wish come true.