I Wish to have a Kindle Fire HD

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
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I Wish to have a Kindle Fire HD
Child's Name: 
Faheema Manjra
Child's Age: 

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. has turned another child's wish into reality. On Thursday May 30, 2013 a beautiful little girl, Faheema Manjra was presented with a Kindle Fire HD at her home by Miss Barbados World 2013 delegate Regina Ramjit. This special occasion was witnessed by Faheema's family, directors and volunteers of the Foundation along with Regina's mum Miss Ruth Ramjit.

Attractively attired, Faheema's presence cast a shadow of elegance across the room as she entered to receive her Kindle Fire HD. Like most little children would, she wasted no time in exploring the many features of her precious gift much to the delight of everyone in the room. With a bright smile, Faheema expressed her gratitude and sincere thanks to everyone for making her wish come true.

Faheema Manjra died on July 16, 2013.