I Wish to Have a Laptop

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
Child's Image: 
I Wish to Have a Laptop
Child's Name: 
Janae Philips
Child's Age: 
6 years

On Saturday September 23, 2017, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. and the kind staff at the Barbados High Commissioner’s Office in London fulfilled 6 year old Janae Philips wish. On arriving at her home, a shy looking Janae was obviously overwhelmed by our presence as she stared around the room hoping to see her gift of a Laptop. After some friendly teasing, Minnie Mouse entered the living room holding a pink bag in her enormous hands and the smile on Janae’s face was priceless creating an awesome ‘wow’ moment.

Little Janae's wish was to have a laptop. It had to be pink and it had to have pics of her favorite character Minnie Mouse...... Not only did we fulfill her wish thanks to the staff of the Barbados High Commissioner's office in London (and Capt. Ricky Ellcock of Virgin Atlantic - who transported the laptop). but a big thank you also goes out to Nicholai Payne and Kids World Rentals for always assisting us in making these precious moments even more memorable.

Thank you also to our faithful volunteers who attended the presentation and were a part of Janae's special moment. Towards the end of Janae's wish Janae’s mum Jamila thanked the Precious Touch Foundation for making her wish come true.