I wish to have a Laptop Computer

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Laptop Computer
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Kenneth Franklyn
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Precious Touch Foundation Inc. has turned another child’s wish into reality. Kenneth Franklyn (16 years) student of Foundation School got his precious wish granted on March 28, 2011 at his school. Kenneth wished for a Laptop Computer to assist him in his school work. An Information Technology (IT) student, he hopes to continue his technical studies at the Barbados community College.

The HP Laptop Computer was presented to Kenneth Franklyn by Vice-President, St.Auban Callender. With a shy smile, Kenneth expressed his gratitude and sincere thanks on behalf of his family and himself. He said he was extremely happy to receive the Laptop and promised to make good use of its functions to the best of his ability.

The presentation was witnessed by President Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, Directors Hnderson Rouse, Adrian Millington and Harriette Clarke. Also present were Volunteers, Mrs. Shannelle Bourne-Clarke and Miss Lia Gajadhar.