I Wish to have a Laptop Computer

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I wish to have
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I Wish to have a Laptop Computer
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Donovan Prentice
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Precious Touch Foundation Inc. made another child's wish come true. Donovan Prentice, student of Parkinson Secondary School got his precious wish of a Laptop computer granted on May 18, 2013 at his home. Donovan's wish was made possible with the kind assistance of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust who donated the Laptop. The presentation was made to President Adorial Maxwell-Hazell at the Maria Holder Memorial Trust office by Executive Secretary Miss Judith Mascoll. The HP Laptop was then presented to Donovan by Director & Minister for the Foundation Mr. Cameron Connolly.

With a shy smile, Donovan expressed his gratitude and sincere thanks to the Foundation and the management of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust for his Laptop and said he intends to share it with his twin brother. This special occasion was witnessed by Donovan mum Shauna Prentice, his brother and step-father. Present were Precious Touch Foundation Inc. directors along with Miss Judith Mascoll.

To enhance Donovan's wish, he was also presented with a Scholarship Award by Mr. Troy Weekes Founder of EZLearner. This award will allow him the opportunity to keep updated with his school work, and all other educational details which would be beneficial to his academic progress.

Donavan died on October 2, 2014