I wish to have a Laptop with Headphones

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Laptop with Headphones
Child's Name: 
Tyreke Trotman
Child's Age: 

On Sunday November 1, 2015 Precious Touch Foundation Inc. and with the kind assistance of Chefette Restaurants Ltd. fulfilled a little boy's wish. Tyreke Trotman (11 years) wished for a Laptop with headphones and a red laptop bag. When the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. team arrived for the presentation, a very anxious Tyreke covered his face with his hands in an effort to concealed his excitement.

This special moment was shared with his younger brother David and other friends along with his Aunties. After the presentation, Tyreke in all smiles thanked everyone "on the behalf of me" for making his precious wish come true. Auntie Newton then expressed appreciation and thanks to all who were part of this awesome experience, and said she is sure Tyreke will benefit greatly from the use of his Laptop.

Sadly Tyreke Trotman passed away on December 30th, 2017