I Wish To Have A PlayStation 4 Game Console

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
Child's Image: 
I Wish To Have A PlayStation 4 Game Console
Child's Name: 
Turaé Went-Barnett
Child's Age: 
10 Years Old

They say a smile can light up a room. Well little Turaé Went-Barnett, 10 years of Gibbons Boggs, Christ Church made sure the room was well lit.

On Sunday the 7th day of August 2016, The Precious Touch Foundation Inc. visited Turaé at his home where he was present with his mother Julie Went, father Adrian Barnett and little sister.

On arrival, everyone congregated in the living room and a surprised expression was plastered all over Turaé's face. At times we didn’t know if he was crying, laughing, smiling or serious. However, we knew he was speechless, and the feeling was priceless.

Director Henderson Rouse then jokingly questioned Turaé about the DVD player he wanted to which Turaé gave him the dreaded stare. (DVD Player) Hahaha yeah, yeah… jokingly Turaé exclaimed, but when Volunteer Carol Toppin invited Turaé to inspect the bag she was carrying, Turaé burst into an expression of excitement. It was truly a breathtaking moment.

Sharing the excitement of this wish were Vice President St. Auban, Director Henderson and Volunteers Andria, Tara, Joan and Damien.

A special mention once more, to World Electronics who discounted the price of the PlayStation 4 Console.