I Wish To Have A Playstation 4 Game Console With Games

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
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I Wish To Have A Playstation 4 Game Console With Games
Child's Name: 
Vince Matthew
Child's Age: 
12 Years Old

On Sunday August 7th 2016, Vince Matthew from the neighboring island of Dominica got the wish he always wanted.

Vince Matthew, whose wish was to have a PlayStation 4 Game Console with games, received his wish from a team of volunteers and directors of The Precious Touch Foundation Inc.

On arrival on the children's ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. team was informed that Vince was being attended to by his medical physician, so the team waited with eager anticipation.

Finally after a 15 minute wait, Vince was out and beaming from ear to ear. Though a little bit shy, Vince was still cool, calm and collected as he sat patiently waiting for the surprise the Precious Touch Foundation had had to offer.

Volunteer Andria Holder was given the honors on behalf of the team, and the wish was granted in the presence of Vince's mother Anthea Canoville.

Also present were Vice President St. Auban, Directors Henderson and Adrian and Volunteers Carol, Joan, Carolyn and Damien.

A special mention once more, to World Electronics who discounted the price of the PlayStation 4 Game Console.