I wish to have a Sony Play Station 4

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Sony Play Station 4
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Rashad John
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Precious Touch Foundation Inc. and the medical students from the American University of Barbados School of Medicine gave a handsome young boy many reasons to smile. Prior to the granting of this special wish and like most boys, Rashad John made certain that today's technology would also become his friend, so after about 15 minutes of pondering gracefully looked up and wished for a PS4. On April 12, 2014, Rashad John (14 years) got his special wish of a PS4 at his home surrounded by family members and friends.

This wish was sponsored by the AUB students and presented to Rashad by Alessandra Black and Syed Naqvi while other students and Precious Touch Foundation Inc. team shared in the excitement. Rashad, with assistance from Alessandra eagerly opened the box to show off his special gift. After composing himself, Rashad thanked everyone for making his wish come true and assured us that his PS4 would be carefully used. Auntie Merlene also expressed thanks on behalf of the entire family. Truly another blessed occasion for a little boy whose dream was turned into reality. Thanks very much student volunteers!