I Wish To Have A Staycation Weekend and Gospel Concert

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
Child's Image: 
I Wish To Have A Staycation Weekend and Gospel Concert
Child's Name: 
Donnika McCollin
Child's Age: 
15 years old

Children are so very special and so are their precious wishes. On the weekend of March 24th  & 25th 2018, 15 year old Donnika McCollin while a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was excitingly looking forward to her wish of a Staycation weekend and Gospel Concert at Fairmont Royal Pavilion with her mum Donna and her uncle. It would have been an occasion filled with lots of fun, laughter, excitement and musical entertainment as the P.T.F family bundled together to plan a Concert fit for a Princess. Then a few days just before Donnika’s weekend wish, we received the painful news that she was now too ill and so we had to cancel her Staycation at the hotel.

However, we were still hopeful that the second part of Donnika’s wish could still be granted and so we continued with our plans for her Concert which was scheduled for 25th March, but this precious wish was not to be fulfilled as she was preparing herself for her departure. Sadly on March 31, 2018 our beautiful wish Angel Donnika Mccollin passed away peacefully at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.