I wish to have a Tablet

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
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I wish to have a Tablet
Child's Name: 
Saniyah Ollivierre
Child's Age: 

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. and The Fairmont Royal Pavilion created an unforgettable and magical moment for a beautiful 4 year old girl. On July 16, 2014 Saniyah Ollivierre got her precious wish granted in fine 'princess' style. She wished for a pink Tablet and asked that it be presented to her by her 'imaginary' friend. Much to the delight of the Foundation, such an awesome wish needed to be shared, and so one of our dedicated sponsors The Fairmont Royal Pavilion came to our assistance. They immediately made contact with Saniyah's 'imaginary' friend (Michael 'Mikey' Mercer) and the planning process began for the granting of another beautiful wish.

The evening was filled with smiles, laughter, happiness and occasional tears of joy from the moment Saniyah, her family and little friends stepped out of the limousine compliments Exquisite Limousine Services Inc. The dinning room was decorated with pink lights, colorful balloons adorned the walls and everyone attending the presentation was attractively attired in pink shirts (Saniyah's favorite color) After the Foundation's jingle was played, the special guest of the moment was introduced to meet and present the Tablet to little Saniyah. This handsome and pleasant gentleman was emotionally captivated as he held Saniyah in his arms admiring the 'priceless' and somewhat frozen look on her face. It was truly an amazing evening as Mikey embraced his little admirer, while posing for photographs with everyone. To bring the wish granting presentation to a close, Mikey entertained the audience in singing and dancing to two of his familiar songs which included Saniyah's well-loved tune. As the guests admired a beautiful decorated cake done specially for the 'wish' child, refreshment was served and enjoyed by all.

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. sincerely thanks the Management and staff of the Fairmont Royal Pavilion and Mikey for turning Saniyah Ollivierre's wish into reality.