I wish to have a Tablet

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I wish to have
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I wish to have a Tablet
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Madaline Jnobaptiste
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Another little girl is beaming with excitement. Thanks to our most awesome Foundation - Precious Touch Foundation Inc. On July 23, 2014, Precious Touch Foundation Inc. in association with World Electronics brought smiles, joy and happiness to 5 year old Madaline Jnobaptiste on the Paediatrics Ward C7 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

This adorable, beautiful little girl from Dominica wished for a white Tablet to play her favorite games. When our Wish Granting team arrived, Madaline was gracefully attired in her yellow outfit and waiting patiently for her Tablet which was presented to her by Director Tracy Forde. Attending the presentation were Directors and Volunteers of the Foundation, Madaline's grandmother Althena Talbot, Senior Sister Mureta Harris and the duty Nurses on Ward C7.

It was truly a wonderful experience and the look and smile on Madaline's face confirmed that she was extremely happy. Grandmother Althena expressed her gratitude to the Foundation for making Madaline's precious wish come true.