Judah Sobers Wish Story

Judah Sobers Wish Story

To travel to Canada

From 2012 after his open heart surgery he always say i wish i could go way again

It was very unbelievable exciting an happy to know what he had wish for had really come true

On his birthday July 15 he kept asking what he getting for his birthday an as the day went on he got a surprise of his life he got the things he was asking for an when he saw them he ask who bring them there I laught an said Santa when he saw those things his face light up with broad smiles happiness an joy

Still can't believe it actually happened still happy an thankful God is good couldn't do it without him

In 2014 when Judah had his surgerythe morning had to go back to hospital later night little complications for second surgery that when I met with a team from Precious Touch Foundation Inc

That they put smiles on children's faces DAT u could never imagine happiness joy an a lot of comfort to their lives