Petra Burton

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My name is Petra Burton and I am a Volunteer with the Precious Touch Foundation. I joined the Foundation because I love children and was extremely impressed with the awesome work they were doing, to bring happiness to these precious, little ones.

Volunteering with Precious Touch means a lot to me; knowing that I've assisted in some way to bring the smiles, happiness and excitement to each wish child and their family, is extremely satisfying and heart-warming. This was exemplified with my very first gift presentation; our little princess was extremely excited when we arrived. As she opened her gift, the expression on her face as the word "WOW" escaped her lips, showed how happy and contented she was; I was ecstatic.

I would like everyone to know that the Foundation’s main goal is to touch the lives of these children who have been diagnosed with life threatening conditions, as well as the lives of their families. We seek to bring happiness and some level of comfort to a difficult situation. It is a wonderful organization and I would encourage individuals who have a passion for service to become a volunteer, and help us as we continue to grow and touch more lives. I also ask that you each continue to give us your support as we make these precious wishes come true.