Rasonte Parsons Wish Story

Rasonte Parsons Wish Story

Princess for a day

I wanted to experience royalty. You see my daddy is the King of all Kings and I've always being a princess, so when Adorial Maxwell-Hazell called that was my very first response.

Wow....... it meant that I was a real real princess with all the glamour to go with it. I feel so bless.

When I arrived at my ball. It was so magnificent, and such an overwhelming experience. It was a lot more than I expected. The lights, my friends, my family, the royal treatment and all the beautiful decorations.

I was happy for the entire weekend but as Sunday came to an end I started to feel a little sad because it was coming to an end.

Adorial Maxwell-Hazell called my mummy, explained to her about how the foundation works and it all started there.

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. helped bring my wish to reality, along with Cave Shepherd and the Barbados Hilton and I am truly thankful that Mrs Maxwell-Hazell contacted us.