President's Message

Welcome to, the online home of Precious Touch Foundation Inc. It has always been said in Barbados, and no doubt throughout the world that children are our most ‘precious’ possessions. This is very much a true statement, and so a group of persons recognising this fact have decided to embrace the children of our nation from age two (2) to sixteen (16) years, who have been diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition.

Precious Touch Foundation Inc. was conceptualised from a television movie ‘A Child’s Wish’ which was aired on Lifetime Television in November 2003. This movie was about a little girl diagnosed with cancer whose wish was to meet the President of the United States of America. So emotionally intriguing was the movie that it prompted the setting up of a similar Organization here in Barbados West Indies.

We believe that through our Wish Granting Program, children can enjoy the peace and happiness of life, thereby replacing the suffering with warm smiles and laughter. We also try to bring joy and comfort to these special children chosen, as well as create a magical wish experience which will no doubt, last a lifetime not only for the child but in the hearts of every person involved in the wish.

As we continue in our efforts to help these medically challenged children, you too can play your part by giving of your valuable time, generous donations and sponsorship. I now invite you to explore our very interesting website and learn more about Precious Touch Foundation Inc.

Warmest Regards
Ms. Adorial Maxwell-Hazell

Adorial Maxwell-Hazell